Design a match box, a crate of lemonade, a pot of paint, a chouïa of recycling and a good dose of genius:
welcome to the colorful and ludic world of Hassan Hajjaj, the Moroccan "Andy Wahloo".
His artistic influences? The great Andy Warhol Pop Art side, and ... "moul hanout," the grocery store of his childhood, for everything else.
Because Hassan Hajjaj puts in his creations a bit of both cultures, his native Morocco, and England, where he landed at the age of 13, leaving Larache to London.
Very young, he dropped the school and is thrown in the London underground scene.
We are in the early 1980s, Hassan was just 16 years old and already the soul of a precursor.
He thus began in the clubs of the capital , where he made a name for mixers , before creating , at age 22 , his own clothing line, he called RAP.
  It was only later, in the mid-1990s , he'll be interested in objects , first by pure pragmatism , since he must decorate its premises.
He then comes a brilliant idea , reminiscent of his Moroccan childhood, Recycling " For us , recycling is more a necessity than a gesture green, we he explains in his Darija so British.
This is probably why I only creates useful objects , art used in everyday life."
Fund " couça - Coula " resurrected Moroccan living room, paint pots in poufs , cans in ages.
A claw that owls recognize : it is to him that we owe the Deco addresses such Momo in London, or the Andy Wahloo in Paris.
And Riad Yima , Marrakech.
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