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Hidden on the medina just in the spices place Rahba lakdima, Riad Yima is a spectacular labour of love that took three years to complete, with every detail very carefully made by the artist’s hand.
The artiste Hassan Hajjaj acquired an old house in Marrakesh, gutted and rebuilt it into a jewel riad witch is transformed recently into Boutique Gallery and Tea room, The Riad features his artwork, furniture design and products. Fusing east and west, his works range from witty photos of Arab life to recycled furniture made from African advertising signs.
Hajjaj’s work encompasses a wide range of techniques and fields.
He designs and produces furniture as well as clothes for fashion.


L'anterns and ceiling slabs recovered metal (cans of honey, tomato ...), dress and slippers cut from flour sacks, cushions sewn into the fabric parasol Fanta, T-shirts logot├ęs, bucket seats...Etc.
After visiting the souks, the best way to enjoy the place and a time of rest and relaxation is to simply collapse on a pouf or bench covered with printed tarpaulin spirit 70, a pot of mint tea or a natural juice ahead, some Moroccan pastries, flipping one of the books available to customers in the patio, the lounge or on the terrace.

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